Keep Swinging Hitting the Curveballs

Author and speaker Jay Myers is a veteran entrepreneur who shares inspiring stories and practical tips based on growing his technology business from $11- to $25-million during the Great Recession. Jay's message as detailed in his second book, Hitting the Curveballs: How Crisis Can Strengthen and Grow Your Business, reveals creative, practical strategies to achieve business success in difficult times.

What's New

Entrepreneur Jay Myers, founder and CEO of Interactive Solutions Inc. (ISI) based in Memphis, TN, announced the publication of his second book, Hitting the Curveballs: How Crisis Can Strengthen and Grow Your Business. Published by Morgan James Publishing, the book is available for pre-order at bookstores and as an e-book for most e-readers. It will be on bookstore shelves by January 2014. LEARN MORE

Jay's Picks

  • Going the Extra MILE 12/6/16
    A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure to speak to University of Memphis students and mentors who are part of the MILE program. The Memphis Institute for Leadership Education ( MILE ) Program &...
  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs National Conference 11/1/16
    This past week I had the distinct pleasure to be invited to speak at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs National Conference ( #CEONAT2016 ) that was held at the Tampa Convention Center and hosted by the Un...

Readers Speak

  • …the heartfelt candor with which Jay allows us into his personal path, thoughts, and feelings that compels and inspires others to maintain their own path… makes this a great read.

    Bill Courtney, Star of "Undefeated", 2012 Academy Award Winning Documentary
  • … proven and tested practical ideas for growing your business in today’s challenging economic environment.

    Madan Birla, Author of FedEx Delivers
  • …personal, honest, and full of energy.

    Matti Copeland, Chief Curiosity Officer, Founder of
  • … Jay Myers pulls back the curtain to reveal components of the ‘all in’ commitment required for entrepreneurial greatness.

    Jim Blasingame, small business expert, author and syndicated columnist Host of The Small Business Advocate Show
  • Clearly Jay Myers has overcome many business and personal challenges and yet maintains such a positive outlook. …I highly recommend Hitting the Curveballs for every small business owner.

    Chuck Wilson, Executive Director, National Systems Contractors Association