AV Strategy in 2014 at NSCA Business and Leadership Conference

ISI is off to a great start in 2014 receiving a  $400,000 order literally the first business day of the year (after the holiday break) which has never happened before in the company’s 18 year history. Hopefully it will be a sign of things to come as we work hard to rebound from a challenging 2013. But as the CEO of a technology company in 2014, what can people like me do to give our companies the best chance for success? Since we had an off-year in 2013, do we simply hope that 2014 will be better? And is hope really a management strategy?  I don’t think so. 

For that reason and a few more I made the decision to attend the National Systems Contractor Association (NSCA) Business and Leadership Conference for the past several years and am really glad I have done so. As the owner of ISI, I believe it is my responsibility to make sure I educate myself as much as possible about what it takes to be a successful company in these challenging times. "Use your resources" has always been my motto and the NSCA BLC is definitely one for ISI. 

This year’s BLC will cover various issues like balancing employee accountability, company leadership and creating a positive work environment.. There will also be a session on turning the IT/AV convergence from a serious problem into a serious opportunity. That’s good stuff that should help ISI not only in 2014 but for several years to come.

The closing speaker for this year’s conference will be the author Daniel Pink who wrote a number of bestselling books  including “A Whole New Mind” that I read a few years ago. In his book, Pink  predicts the future of business will be moving from a logical  computer-based age to a creative empathetic one that sees the “big picture” through creativity and innovation. Should be a fascinating presentation!  

Posted by Jay Myers at 3:28 PM