Balanced Life and Leadership Excellence

I have to admit I do a lot of reading in my spare time and particularly like reading business books that I think can help me do a better job as the CEO of Interactive Solutions, Inc (ISI). One such book I just finished titled "Balance Life and Leadership Excellence" written by my friend Madan which  is not only a really good read but it also focuses on an issue which has been important to me since I started ISI which is BALANCE. As I read Madan's book I must say that it provides practical ideas to not only unleash leadership and creativity on the job but also enjoy a rewarding, healthy life off-the-clock.

On a personal level, as ISI celebrated our 18th anniversary this past week (March 11) it gave me a chance to reflect on not only our success as a business but also the sense of pride I take in knowing that I never sacrificed my family life for company success. Despite all the challenges of starting a new business and the many obstacles we faced through the years, I never missed any of my kids activities through the years whether it be the many Boy Scout camping trips, swim meets, basketball games, school plays etc. I was at each and every one of them with and am so glad I did. Interestingly enough, as time went on, I discovered that the more balance I achieved in my personal life with my family it not only didn't penalize me in my professional life but actually enhanced it as ISI continued to grow and prosper.

Posted by Jay Myers at 9:13 PM