Entrepreneurship Alive and Well in Memphis

This week I got a chance to visit with a number of people involved in the local entrepreneurship community in Memphis at the StartCo mentor reception. StartCo is the parent organization of the Seed Hatchery where I helped out as a mentor to several early stage technology firms back in 2011.


Memphis regularly lags behind the rest of the nation in economic indicators, and much of the money injected into the city are “poverty dollars.” But listening to Andre Fowlkes and his team at StartCo this week, I'm convinced that they want to change that and will seek to build on Memphis’ unique strengths and opportunities, find the region’s entrepreneurial potential, and continue to learn how to best grow the Memphis economy. 


Lately, there's been  a lot of buzz in the startup world about how startups stimulate job growth. A healthy company that employs dozens or even hundreds of people works wonders for a local economy and culture (read about Zappos and the Las Vegas startup scene). With that in mind, a lot of organizations are popping up in different regions with the goal of encouraging entrepreneurship and stimulating economic growth.

In the startup tech world, all too often gets very focused on individual companies and their products. Start Co is unique in that they are thinking about how to best help their city first and are leveraging local tech entrepreneurs to do it. That's worthy goal and I'm looking forward to helping them achieve it.

Posted by Jay Myers at 3:51 PM