Gathering of Eagle Scouts in Memphis

This week I got the chance to attend a reception sponsored by the local Boy Scout office (Chickasaw Council) for all the Eagle Scouts in the Mid South area. I must say the event was not only a lot of fun but was also very well-attended (over 125 Eagles) representing Scouts of all ages, walks of life and professions. I even met a former coworker from my high school/grocery store days (John Reagan) who I haven't seen in 40 years! That was special.

As I greeted various people, it made me pause and consider what a special event it truly was. Eagle Scouts- the best of the best. What's the percentage of Scouts that earn the rank of Eagle? Only about 5% of all Boy Scouts do according to the NESA. It is indeed an exclusive club we all belong to and something to be proud of. I know for me it has been one of the highlights of my life.

As I got a chance to pause and reflect on my Scouting days, I was reminded of the many important values that were instilled in me all those years ago on my trail to Eagle that continue to guide me in my professional life as the owner of ISI. At an early age, I learned about the value of teamwork, organization, perseverance setting and achieving goals. We were taught to "be prepared" (the motto) and to remain trustworthy, loyal helpful, etc. in the face of adversity. As a Scout, I was learning these skills by being a patrol leader leading a group of scouts on a backpacking trip. Now, as a business owner, I'm putting these same skills and values to the test every day as I lead the staff of ISI. While the arenas may be different, the fundamentals still remain the same. 

I can truthfully say that I have used many of the skills that I learned from my Scouting days every day since I started ISI. For that, I'll always be grateful for those wonderful lessons learned.

Posted by Jay Myers at 4:28 PM