Leadership Lessons from the Pittsburgh Pirates

This past week I listened to an interview on "Leadership Lessons from the Pittsburgh Pirates" which recently aired on the Small Business Advocate radio show (hosted by my buddy Jim Blasingame).

I must admit that my initial reason for wanting to listen to the interview had a little something to do with my lifelong passion for the game of baseball but my other motive was for pure business reasons - ISI needs me to be a better leader in 2014 than ever before- pure and simple. The bar has been raised and I need to up my game. So what did I learn from the interview?

1) Embrace Hardship- Some are paralyzed by it- others grow through it but everybody has to deal with it at one point or the other.

2) Invest in Farm System- Don't look for "quick fixes" in building a sustainable business. The Pirates patiently built their current team through farm system players which resulted in them reaching the playoffs for the first time since 1992.


3) Strengthen Mental Self- resetting mental conditioning on a regular basis recognizing that the mental part of the game is just as important as the physical part.

4) Emphasize Leadership and Accountabilty- The Pirates established a leadership council (players only) that oversees player behavior, commitment to teamwork, etc. and holds them accountable for their actions. Really good stuff and made me think that as the leader of ISI, I ultimately set the tone, mood and direction for the company and need to be mindful of that on a daily basis. Past success in a hot market has been great for ISI but as I once heard "even a turkey can fly in a tornado." It takes a special leader to successfully lead a company through difficult and challenging times.



Posted by Jay Myers at 6:11 PM