An Entrepreneur's Reflections on 2013

As we just wrapped up yet another year, it gave me pause to reflect on the many experiences (both high and low) that made up the year 2013. From a professional standpoint, 2013 will go down as one of the most challenging years in recent memory for my company (ISI) as we fought our way through unparalleled turmoil and change in the videoconferencing industry, layoffs at major suppliers (Cisco and Polycom) and significant cutbacks in government grant programs (key sources of revenue for ISI).

Yet amidst all of these challenges and chaos, both my company and I survived and advanced (like a college team in March Madness). In fact, my employees came out of 2013 adopting a new theme for 2014 which is "with great adversity comes great opportunity"  Given that kind of attitude, I'm already feeling next year will be a great one for ISI!


From a personal standpoint, my wife and I experienced moments of great sorrow in 2013 attending way too many funerals of both good friends and employee family members. Very sad. You go through a year like this and it reminds you that life is way too short and you need to be grateful for every moment you have on this earth. We also had moments of great joy in 2013 attending 2 graduations in two weeks in June with our daughter Katie graduating with her undergrad from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and our son Jordan earning his MBA from DePaul University. Very proud of both of them and I have to say as a parent it doesn't get any better than that! Finally, I'm real excited that on January 10, 2014 my second book Hitting the Curveballs: How Crisis can Strengthen and Grow Your Business will officially hit the bookstores. Really hope my book can help other small business owners and entrepreneurs not only survive the current difficult economy but thrive!



Posted by Jay Myers at 4:04 PM