The Power of Relationships and New Beginnings

 Last week I had the honor and privilege to speak at the Kramer USA national sales meeting in Clinton, New Jersey. Kramer USA provides products for audio, video and computer signal processing and routing. Kramer has been a supplier of ISI's  for a long time and they asked me to come speak. What a great group of people and I had a ball!  Its funny but as soon as I arrived at their office I had a feeling I belonged there. I instantly felt like I was  part of the Kramer "family."

As I mingled with the group enjoying food and refreshments while watching the NFL playoff game, it struck me that one of the secrets to Kramer's success in the PRO-AV industry through the years is the same thing that has made ISI successful all these years later -  RELATIONSHIPS. Kramer cares about relationships just like ISI does. Whether the relationship is with ISI as a business partner supplying us with state of the art video switches, routers or control systems or the personal relationships like the friendship I have with the Kramer USA President (Dave Bright). It's all about connecting with the people. It seems to me that successful companies like Kramer and ISI foster relationships with people that transcend products, competition, pricing, etc.

The theme from the Kramer USA last week was about creating  "New Beginnings" for the company and I personally think they're off to a great start. They've got a beautiful new office, several exciting new products and renewed enthusiasm for the future. But best of all? They still care about both the personal and professional relationships that made it all possible.

Posted by Jay Myers at 9:44 PM