"Value Added Resellers" Need to Add Value

As I read this article (Sell What's in Your Head, Not On Your Shelf), it made me think about the ongoing challenges that we all face in the AV/VTC industry trying to maintain company profitability amidst the struggling economy and the ongoing challenge of communicating value to our clients. With so much pressure on customers to “price shop,” how exactly does a company like ISI  define “value added”?  For us, the answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is that the more complex the customer solution/proposal the better it is for ISI and the customer. 18 years later, ISI never has been an “item house” which is why we have always focused on hiring the best and brightest engineering and technical talent in the area. 


Boardroom tech installed by ISI at WMBarr with 103" TV and iPad control. So cool! 

As an example, complex AV/VTC solutions with matrix switchers, programmable audio, video recording and streaming are not products that customers are going to purchase on-line or down the street at the local retail store much less have the aptitude to make it all work reliably. It is our job as VAR’s(value added resellers) to not only protect our intellectual property (by not giving it away)  but to also constantly reinforce our “brand” by educating customers and prospects on not only the products we sell but on our expertise in designing a  high quality system that works for them for many years to come.

In the end, that expertise is the real "value-add" that we bring to the table and the reason our customers come to us in the first place. We are not limited by physical products that we have available on the shelf. Instead, our only limitation is on our ability to come up with creative and effective solutions for our customers and to communicate the value that we bring to the table as a partner.

Posted by Jay Myers at 10:46 PM