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Season 2, Episode 1 - Bill Courtney


Bill Courtney

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Season 2, episode 1 Synopsis

From the gridiron to the boardroom, Bill Courtney's journey in business is a story of tenacity, determination, and bringing goals to life. Listen in as Jay and Bill discuss his entrepreneurial journey, from a childhood in peril to where he is today, and how motive matters when leading a team.

About Bill Courtney

Bill Courtney is the president and CEO of Classic American Hardwoods, a successful lumber ocmpany. He's also the subject of the Oscar-winning documentar, Undefeated, and a volunteer high school football coach. Courtney has also written and published a book, Against the Grain, and gives speeches to audiences across the country. He and his wife, Lisa, live in Memphis, Tennessee, with their four children.


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