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Episode 1 - Duncan Williams

DuNcan Williams

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Episode 1 Synopsis

Jay sits down with Duncan F. Williams of Duncan-Williams Inc. to talk shop. As both Jay and Duncan have recently sold their companies, they look inward and discuss what it’s like to sell a business from an emotional standpoint. In many ways, a business is a living, breathing thing. When you’ve been there from the start, letting go can be a difficult process. When egos are involved, tensions are always likely to run high, especially when it comes to a family business. Learn how these two pros navigated this journey, what advice they have for those seeking the same path, and what their plans are for the future.

About Duncan-Williams Inc. 

Located in Memphis, TN, Duncan-Williams started with humble beginnings as a small regional municipal bond firm in 1969 and has grown into a wholly-owned subsidiary of South State Bank as of February 2021. Duncan F. Williams has proudly served as president of his family’s firm since 2000. Duncan-Williams Inc. invests heavily in a set of core values that lead their day-to-day operations, the greatest of which is trust. It’s this trust and dedication to excellent customer service that guides them to build relationships, empower their employees, and create the foundation that has allowed them to become the industry leaders that they are.

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