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Episode 11 - Maureen Myers


Maureen Myers

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episode 11 synopsis

Jay welcomes his wife Maureen Myers to the Extra Innings Podcast to share her perspectives on supporting the journey of an entrepreneur, and what it was like behind-the-scenes of Jay's career. Moderated by producer Kindra Svendsen, this is a unique look into how entrepreneurship impacts the entire family unit.

about maureen myers


As the supporting force and champion of husband Jay, Maureen Myers has a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and running a company. For decades, she experienced the joys, triumphs, and struggles of leadership as a spouse – and learned how to navigate her spouse and herself through these roads. Her perspective as an entrepreneur’s spouse can guide so many others who are just starting this journey.

She lives in Collierville, Tennessee, and Holmes Beach, Florida. Together, Maureen and Jay have two children, Jordan and Kaitlin, a granddaughter, and a white Labrador named Walker.

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