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Episode 12 - Dr. Patrick Murphy


Dr. Patrick Murphy

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episode 12 synopsis

Join Jay as he discusses social entrepreneurship with Dr. Patrick Murphy, Goodrich Endowed Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Jay and Patrick discuss how it's possible to do good while doing well, and how to innovate and grow from challenges that can feel like failure in the moment.

about dr. patrick murphy

Dr. Patrick Murphy is the Goodrich Chair of Entrepreneurship, a professor, and Director of the Entrepreneurship Program in the Collat School of Business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has led different entrepreneurship and technology programs across several universities and trained hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and students worldwide.

Dr. Murphy is also the Scholar in Residence at Innovation Depot, the largest entrepreneurial coworking center in the southeastern USA. In 2016, he was named to AmericanInno’s “50 on Fire” for his impact on Chicago’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. He was also chosen in 2017 as Future Founder’s inaugural “Entrepreneurship Professor of the Year,” across all colleges and universities in Illinois. 

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