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Episode 3 - Carolyn Chism Hardy

Carolyn Chism Hardy

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Episode 3 Synopsis

Jay is joined by Memphis business and community leader, Carolyn Chism Hardy. Carolyn discusses family, education, where she started, and what she learned along the way. Carolyn is a veteran business owner and entrepreneur who shares her knowledge with Jay, and offers her insight and advice when it comes to rising up in the ranks, being self-made, and what that has been like as a woman of color. Tune in to listen to this fascinating story and learn about one of the city's most important names.

About Carolyn Chism Hardy

For Carolyn Chism Hardy, running a business is something she could do in her sleep. As one of Memphis’s top business leaders and a serial entrepreneur, Carolyn began growing her reputation by snatching the failing Memphis-based Coors’ plant from the jaws of closure, turning it into the most efficiently run facility under the Coors banner. After that success, she began Hardy Bottling in 2006, selling it just a few years later for a profit of $30 million dollars. Since then, Caroyln has spent her life infusing life into major Memphis industries, including agricultural ventures, leadership and training programs, and a myriad of philanthropic opportunities for schools and neighborhoods alike. Most recently, Hardy has become involved with partners to develop HTWO, a brand of molecular hydrogen water. Carolyn Chism Hardy also sits on a variety of boards and committees dedicated to helping businesses and the city of Memphis thrive.

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