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Episode 8 - Venki Mandapati


venki mandapati

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Episode 8 synopsis

Jay is joined by Memphis-based Venki Mandapati to talk about coming into his own as an entrepreneur and how success can be created by optimizing failures, using momentum, and solving problems through innovation.

About venki mandapati


Venki Mandapati is the co-founder of UpSquad, a custom community management and integrated events platform to help nonprofits and schools efficiently manage skill building, work readiness, and mentoring and diversity programs that encourage peer support. Mandapati started his entrepreneurial journey with CareerQuo at age 27 — their mission was to create an inclusive global community for all to share their success stories and learn through the power of mentoring.

Prior to venturing as an entrepreneur, Venki was an Analytics Product Manager for online shipping applications at FedEx. Recently, he was recognized for The University of Memphis’ “Top 20 under 30” award and created a podcast, "Driven by Doing," where he talks to entrepreneurs and social innovators to uncover their stories and learn from them.

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