20 Years in the Making

A little over a week ago (on Friday March 11th), we had a lot of excitement at Interactive Solutions (ISI) as we prepared to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I have to admit, as the guy that started the business, I was dealing with a lot of different emotions all day long. It started when I read the wonderful article about us in the local paper (Commercial Appeal) and continued as I reflected on all we had been through in the past two decades. I started thinking about the early days, our funding challenges, my cancer diagnosis (melanoma), our first embezzlement ($15K) and the partnership buyout/divorce. As I thought about it, any one of those issues could have easily put us out of business… yet we survived.   

And years later the challenges continued as we dealt with a $260,000 employee embezzlement (2003) 10 months after my brother’s sudden death. And then in 2007 we had to rise to the occasion one more time when 80% of ISI’s sales team left the company with little if any notice. And to add to our struggles, one of ISI’s best technicians (Danney Stone) died of complications from a liver transplant and my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. All of this happened in a 30 day period that summer right before the Great Recession. Tough times? You bet!  How hard was it?  I remember being so traumatized by everything that had happened that I was afraid to turn out the lights in my bedroom (because I was afraid of what the next day would look like).

But somehow with God’s help and great support from ISI employees and business partners, we made it through those tough times, overcame significant obstacles in the AV/VTC industry and moved forward to continue to strengthen and grow the company like never before. And we never gave up. We kept working hard and never stopped believing in ourselves.  And maybe that’s the reason why this anniversary means so much to me and ISI.  Because the path to get here HAS NOT BEEN EASY! As we wrapped up the celebration with a wonderful reception at a local country club, I must say that I was filled with immense gratitude and pride in ISI and all we’ve accomplished these past 20 years and am looking forward to 20 more! 

Posted by Jay Myers at 5:50 PM