2017 NSCA Business Leadership Conference

Recently, I had the pleasure to attend the NSCA Business Leadership Conference (BLC) which was held at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona. A very cool venue that is actually located on an old Indian reservation. The opening session kicked off with the 2017 economic outlook which was presented by Dr. Chris Kuel who did a great job combining statistics and humor to make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. One particular point that Dr. Kuel made was the impact that millennials are having (and will have) on the future economy both as consumers and workers. Interestingly enough, ISI recognized the need to recruit and retain millennial workers over 10 years ago. So glad we did!

Another presentation that really hit home was delivered  by Chris McChesney who posed the question “Do You Remember the Last Major Initiative that Died in Your Organization? Chris made some really good points that outlined the 4 Disciplines of Execution that include 1) Focus Traps 2) Act on the Lead Measure 3) Keep a Compelling Scorecard 4) Create a Cadence of Accountability. I could also relate to the notion of developing Wildly Important Goals(WIGS) amidst the “whirlwind” of day to day distractions that prevent all of us from achieving these goals.

The next presentation was delivered by James Kane who discussed “The Science Behind Creating True “Loyalty”  James did a nice job talking about relationship levels that include 1)Hostile 2) Transactional 3) Pre-Disposed 4) Loyal with expectations such as Competency, Character, Consistency and Capacity. James also made a point that loyalty gets down to a few basic issues that 1) Make Life Safer 2) Make Life Easier 3) Make Life Better. Really good insights that can be used in the AV industry on a daily basis.  I loved his remarks about “Figure out how to gain some enthusiasm from your people about what’s next  and make them feel included in the change”

On a personal note, the ONLY part of James’ presentation I had a problem with was his HATRED for my favorite team the New York Yankees. Hard to swallow but after I got a chance to speak to him later that day, I realized it was all good fun! Other notable comments from other presentations include “You don’t want AV in that room, you want a smart room and I just need to know how smart you want the room to be” Also, I got a lot of chuckles in our breakout session when I made the comment (as a sales/marketing panelist) regarding the use of robots as salespeople (at KFC in Japan) “The last time I checked, we’re in the AV business, not the chicken business” All in all another great time at the BLC and looking forward to next year’s event!


Posted by Jay Myers at 3:16 PM