Adapt, Evolve and Change

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege to be the featured speaker at the 2015 Kickoff Meeting for XMC, Inc. XMC is  headquartered in Memphis and is the second largest Xerox office printer and office copier dealer in the United States. This is a remarkable achievement considering that XMC reached this status in less than 20 years and has surpassed dealers in much larger U.S. markets such as New York, and Houston. A really impressive company! 

Me and Bob Hamilton

So what pearls of wisdom could I possibly convey to such a successful group of business professionals? After discussing my presentation with Bob Hamilton and Sean Seward (company owners) prior to the meeting I found out that whether you're in the audio visual or copier industry, many of market challenges are eerily similar. Issues such as shrinking hardware margins, added focus on service revenue and employees trapped in the past are just a few of the many challenges at both XMC (and ISI) in 2015. Big problems with no easy answers for sure!

That is why I chose Adapt, Evolve and Change as the theme of my presentation. Seems to me that both XMC and ISI have to adapt (to be more services-based revenue model), evolve (over time as a company) and be willing to change (processes, products, etc.) to meet the challenges of not only 2015 but future years as well. Gauging from the enthusiastic reaction I received from many of the team members after my presentation, I have to say that I believe XMC is well on their way to a successful future.

When dealing with widespread industry changes, concern over future sources of revenue, and diminishing profits, don't get an ulcer worrying about all of it,  Instead, go out and TALK to the people who are paying the bills for your company day in and day out. YOUR CUSTOMERS! I did that this past week visiting some of ISI's key clients in Virginia and the DC area and learned a lot a about what we need to do in 2015 (and also maybe more importantly what we don't need to do) to be successful. A very revealing week and great insight going forward for both me and everyone at ISI as we work towards a successful 2015!

Posted by Jay Myers at 12:09 PM