American Telemedicine Association 2015: The Future of Healthcare

Last week I got the chance the attend the 2015 American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference in LA and must say I came away from the event not only impressed with the many new technologies but excited about ISI's future in healthcare. 

One new aspect of telemedicine that I found particularly interesting was some of the mobile solutions offered by MedPod and Healthspot which are literally "bringing the doctor to the patient" by installing their portable systems in kiosks and "pods" located near drugstores, shopping centers, college campuses etc. The kiosks and pods are equipped with the latest in remote video connectivity, clinical assessment scopes, tools, etc to effectively treat a patient as well as reimburse the physician via EMR technology ( co-pay, reimbursement etc) Extremely convenient and easy for most any patient to access. 

Another area of interest in mobile technology that was interesting to me was a "mole check app" that leads to early diagnosis of melanoma and other skin cancers. The demonstration of the app at ATA seemed simple enough with the physician taking a picture of a suspicious mole (via a smart phone) which is stored and forwarded to a dermatologist on-call for review and diagnosis. Pretty impressive and, as a melanoma survivor, I really appreciated the value of early detection. 

This years ATA Conference also featured the latest in robotic technology with the most impressive solution being developed by Revolve Robotics and their Kubi Telehealth Robot. Kubi not only incorporates facial recognition capabilities and high quality video delivery but is also very cost effective compared to other robotic solutions. Remote solutions using robots to assist doctors makes the future of healthcare both scary and exciting! 

Several other new technologies that caught my eye included the patient engagement systems from Vidyo that incorporated a software portal to handle all the front end record keeping, insurance, co-pay etc while simultaneously having access to the physician via video. Very impressive! Another new application from Vidyo was their bedside patient engagement system that allowed for video connectivity directly from the hospital bed. Too crazy but cool nonetheless! 

Some of the technology that I saw on my last day at ATA that was also really impressive was the bio sensored clothing that tracks vital signs, EKG etc. Crazy stuff and looked to me like an added incentive to stay in shape in the future! One of my favorite demonstrations at ATA was the video interpretation system that offered remote connections to over 50 languages/locations around the world. In the demonstration (to make it interesting) a connection to Vietnam was made to access the interpreter. Although I certainly don't know Vietnamese, it was fun to engage with him and I certainly understood the value of accessing a remote interpreter when dealing with patients from all around the world. All in all ATA 2015 was a very interesting and exciting experience and am looking forward to implementing some of the new healthcare technologies at ISI in the future.

Posted by Jay Myers at 10:00 AM