Nashville Book Signing

This week I was honored to get the chance to do another book signing event to promote my new book "Hitting the Curveballs" at the Barnes & Noble store in Franklin, Tennessee.  Located just south of Nashville, Franklin is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States with a population of over 68,000 people and is home to several major corporations such as Nissan North America, Verizon and Community Health Systems. The ISI Franklin office opened in 2005 and has been a key ingredient in the company's success the past several years.


Book signings are always a lot of fun and very flattering and I personally appreciate all the support I have gotten through the years, particularly from the folks at Barnes & Noble. Although most authors don't sell a lot of books at the events (unless you're somebody famous like John Grisham), I'm usually able to get a solid turnout by marketing to my network beforehand. I also personally feel it is a worthwhile experience to be able to engage with my audience.

For the record, I sold out of all the copies of my book that Barnes & Noble had available at the time which made it a big success. That certainly made me happy. But beyond that? Simply being able to do a book signing by itself was a priceless opportunity to not only introduce my new book to the local business community but promote it with the support of the largest bookstore in the country. Huge credibility! No matter what way you look at it, that's a winning combination.

Posted by Jay Myers at 1:48 PM