Change in Venue, Change in Attitude

At the start of every year, ISI schedules a kickoff meeting with the sales and management teams to plan for the upcoming year. The meeting is typically a couple of days of presentations and open dialog as well as discussion about a myriad of issues such as managing overhead, cutting costs, competition, state of the industry etc. It is a good way to get back in the saddle after the Christmas holidays and focus on the New Year. Usually the meeting has been held in Memphis, Tunica or Nashville mostly for convenience and logistical reasons

But with all of the upheaval in the AV industry, 2017 just didn’t look like a “business as usual” year to me so I made the decision to change the venue and hold the meeting on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Why there? One reason is that AMI has some of the prettiest beaches in the country and is one of most peaceful places I have ever been to. I also thought that it was a great place for everyone to clear their heads and think about ISI’s future. And the other reason for the meeting on AMI? My wife and I have a house on the island and really wanted to host our employees and do some old fashioned team building over dinner, drinks, etc.

Looking back a month later I have to say that the feedback I received about the kickoff meeting on AMI was the best I have received in my 20+ years of being in business. They loved the venue! And in addition, I also sensed a whole new ATTITUDE amongst ISI team members. They understood the many industry challenges that are in front of them but seemed more determined than ever to make 2017 a successful year at ISI. All in all, a great start which hopefully translates to a big year at ISI!

Posted by Jay Myers at 6:45 PM