Demo Day 2015 in Memphis

This past week the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Memphis was more abundant than ever at Demo Day 2015, where Start Co. and ZeroTo510 worked in conjunction for the first time to present graduates of their business accelerator programs to local businessmen, investors and community leaders. 

The 10 StartCo companies that were part of Demo day are all technology based companies addressing a wide variety of market needs ranging from paperwork and financial problems with divorce (DivorceSecure) to predictive maintenance software for the trucking industry (Preteckt) as well as addressing issues with medical equipment on loan (LendMed). Pretty interesting ideas for sure!   But the one company that really caught my eye was Care Current who have a software program that matches up senior citizens to support agencies. With an every growing segment of the population (Baby Boomers) retiring and in need on ongoing healthcare support, I can’t help but think the Care Current not only makes sense will have some serious nationwide growth opportunities in the future.   

The 4 Zero to 510 companies that participated in Demo Day are all  focused on healthcare/medical device technology which included Sweet Bio. a company focused on revolutionizing dental healing as well as LineGard Med. Another interesting company that was part of Demo Day was GlucosAlarm which is a company that is revolutionizing the way diabetes patients are treated with a patent pending sensor that measures sugar levels in urine. With  GlucosAlarm, patients can more easily manage their diabetes and keep up their daily routine without further complications.   

Of all the presentations, perhaps the one from Inspire Living was the one that appears to have the greatest chance for rapid growth and future success. INSPIRE is a portable diagnostic device that enables caregivers, at all levels, from individuals to doctors, to perform an advanced diagnostic medical exam in one minute for local and remote patients. By automating the sensory device measurements, caregivers can quickly use it as a diagnostic aid anywhere; in clinics, at home or in the most remote areas of the world. Inspire Living presented some very strong growth projections for the future, particularly in the area of rural healthcare and telemedicine which was/is highly interesting to me as well since that is ISI’s game plan as well. 

In fact, both GlucosAlarm and Inspire Living not only presented telemedicine as part of their sales growth strategy but also noted that significant amounts of their R&D budgets will be pointed in that direction for many years to come. Telemedicine/ Rural Healthcare technology appears to be poised for some explosive growth opportunities for a lot of companies in the future.  

Posted by Jay Myers at 2:12 PM