Dorothy Day House in Memphis

As small business owners, it's interesting how all of us can get so caught up in "our world" that we tend to lose sight of what other people's world may look like. Certainly issues like managing cash flow, payroll, battling with competition and dealing with lines of credit can be all consuming and challenging. But aren't there also much bigger issues out there for some people? Could there be anything worse than for a family to be homeless and for a child to not know where their next meal is coming from? 

In 2014, it's hard to imagine but it's a big problem not only in Memphis but nationwide. This week, ISI hosted Sister Maureen Griner from the Dorothy Day House, a homeless shelter in Memphis focused on keeping families together. Unlike traditional homeless shelters which typically only allow residents of a single sex, the Dorothy Day House allows whole families (husband/wife, brothers, and sisters) to stay there together so as not to split up the family. As Sister Maureen told the ISI employees, there are over 150 families in the Memphis area who are dealing with this very issue every day. Some have been recently laid off from their jobs, coping with some kind of family trauma and are literally living out of their cars, in the woods or wherever they can find a meal. 

Certainly this is not a uniquely local problem and like most cities there doesn't seem to be any easy answer to the homeless problem in Memphis. But Sister Maureen and the Dorothy Day House are doing their part by lending a helping hand providing food and a temporary home for a number of families.  And they do it with no government funding or trained social workers. Definitely a cause all of us at ISI could get behind because as Sister Maureen said, "It's just 'people helping people'". And at the end of the day isn't that what it's really all about anyway? To learn more about the Dorothy Day House, click here to visit their website.

Posted by Jay Myers at 11:16 AM