Fun Day at Christian Brothers University

This past week I had the honor and privilege to speak at Christian Brothers University in Memphis. Christian Brothers (College) was founded in 1871 by members of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools, an international Roman Catholic religious teaching congregation. CBU has grown to a student population of more than 1,800 and exponentially expanded its degree offerings. Today, CBU offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 60 academic majors and concentrations in the arts, business, engineering, and sciences   

At the request of my friend (and fellow Better Business Bureau board member) Reginald Peyton, I got the chance to speak about my book “Hitting the Curveballs” to not one but THREE different classes in the same day. Exhausting and definitely put me to the test! But I must say speaking to those marketing and accounting students was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in many years. The CBU students, particularly in the 8am class, were incredibly engaging and were full of great questions and comments. And this is at 8am in the morning! Since I am NOT a morning person, I must say I was impressed!   

One thing I observed in speaking to the students is that many of them are working their way through school with various part time jobs and putting in a lot of hours. I have to admit working your way through schools is a big thing with me since I did the very same thing back in the 70’s. Besides the benefit of graduating debt free (in my case) I also believe that setting goals to get a degree by developing time management skills in college is great preparation for a successful professional career. I know almost 40 years later, it has worked for me. And based on what I experienced last week, I truly believe many of the marketing and accounting students at CBU will not only earn their degrees but are destined for much success in the future.

Posted by Jay Myers at 12:11 PM