InfoComm AVEC

This past week I got the chance to attend the InfoComm AVEC which is a conference specifically tailored to executives in the AV industry. I must say that there were several professional reasons why I chose to attend the event for the first time this year (networking, industry update etc.) But truthfully  there was also a personal reason for attending the conference as well which was the venue- Amelia Island, Florida. 

View from our room

Amelia Island was not only the site for the 2015 InfoComm AVEC but was also where my wife, Maureen, and I spent our honeymoon back in 1983. A special place indeed!   

The theme for this year’s AVEC was RECHARGE (by Powering Up Your Business) and was highlighted by several really great speakers including Notre Dame and NFL great Joe Theismann who kicked off the conference with some keen insight about embracing change in the AV industry, defining success by giving back and the value of mentoring. Theismann closed out his presentation by stating that he believes that “mental toughness” is the #1 most important attribute of a successful leader. I couldn’t agree more!   

The next speaker was Leo Hopf (CEO of Teamhopf) who talked about Rethinking, Reinventing and Repositioning businesses in the AV industry. Hopf made some compelling remarks about companies such as Yahoo and Polaroid who were dominant players in their industry for many years but chose not to continue to reinvent and reposition their companies and thus became obsolete According to Hopf, “businesses get in trouble when they play it safe.” He also talked about how it takes different things to win at different points along the business life cycle.  Another presenter was Joseph Pine who talked a lot about innovating in  the “customer experience” and not just selling the high tech hardware and software to AV customers. I appreciated his remarks about no business grows forever but there are always growth businesses.     

The closing speaker was David Labuskes  who talked about the growth in the AV industry(11% worldwide) and the changing face of the AV customer(now an IT manager) as well as the challenge of creating a better value proposition for customers with increasingly high expectations.  After hearing Labuskes' presentation, the conclusion amongst my fellow AV execs was that selling successfully in the AV marketplace (in 2015 and beyond) is certainly not an easy task!   

In conclusion, I must say that I feel that the AVEC was a good use for my time with some solid value for ISI. Keen insight and food for thought. And the added value of being able to return to “where it all began” wasn’t bad either! 

Credit: InfoComm AVEC Flickr

Posted by Jay Myers at 12:21 PM