ISI's 19th Birthday

On Wednesday, March 11, my business, Interactive Solutions (ISI) will celebrate our 19th birthday/anniversary. It's hard to believe that the company I started off my kitchen table back in 1996 is still around and thriving all these years later. I still remember that first day at the office "dialing for dollars" all day long using the Memphis Business Journals Book of Lists. Good old fashioned "cold calling" but that's the only way I knew how to get the company off the ground. Gotta sell something!


And on this day, I must say that I am feeling incredibly grateful (and lucky) that ISI has done a lot of selling since that first day and continues to do so almost two decades later. That's a long time to be in business in any industry but in technology 19 years is a LIFETIME! So many companies have come and gone since ISI started and yet we are still around. Very fortunate!  Looking back all these years later it really has been a helluva ride and I know, I for one, am looking forward to many more exciting days for ISI in the future.

Posted by Jay Myers at 4:08 PM