Derek Jeter's Farewell: A Tradition of Excellence

This week, I got the chance to be a part of baseball history when I saw Derek Jeter play his last day game at Yankee Stadium against the Orioles. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience! The game itself was pretty ugly (Yankees lost 9-5 and Jeter went 0 for 4) but truthfully for the 50,000 + fans that were there, it didn't seem to matter. Everyone was there to pay tribute to the not only the best baseball player of his generation but one of the classiest people on the planet.

As I was watching Jeter warm up before the game, I started thinking about the first year I watched him play. It was the World Series in 1996- the year I started ISI. Derek was the young star loaded with talent who lead the Yankees to their first world championship in 18 years. Such an exciting player and who, even as a rookie, totally understood the value of integrity, hard work, tradition/legacy and a commitment to excellence.

As I thought about it, it occurred to me that those are the same qualities and attributes I've always held sacred at ISI.  Certainly we've always valued hard work and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. But 18 years later, it has always been about a lot more than just being a successful company and winning business but also doing so with integrity. And we've always said that ISI's reputation is our #1 asset.

Does anyone in professional sports have higher integrity and a better reputation than Derek Jeter? He is truly in a league of his own. And 18 years later he will be remembered for not only his success in playing the game but also for doing it the right way. That's a worthy legacy to leave behind whether you're a famous ball player like Derek Jeter or a small business like ISI 

Posted by Jay Myers at 1:35 PM