A New Kind of Company Christmas Party

This past weekend, we decided to try something different for the ISI Christmas party by not only hosting the party at our office (as opposed to a restaurant or country club) but we also made it a “family affair” by encouraging employees to bring their kids as well.  As we set up for the party, it quickly became apparent how well the new office remodeling design was able to accommodate a party and create a new atmosphere. 

Many employees remarked how we couldn’t have been able to pull it off with the old office design. That really made me feel good! Not only does ISI have a cool new look to the office but the space is also highly functional and versatile. And we’re saving money. Not a bad combination! 

Something else that really made me feel good? As I walked around the office speaking to various ISI employees and their spouses (and some of their children), an overwhelming sense of gratitude and accomplishment came over me. I certainly felt grateful to have been able to create a sustainable business that continues to grow and has provided jobs and a way of life for almost 50 people in several different cities and states. At one point, I really thought about it and my company is not just responsible for those almost 50 employees but also their spouses and children as well. And in thinking about what that meant I came to the conclusion that the real number I’m responsible for is closer to 200 people.  

Am I intimidated by that realization? Not at all - I am actually INSPIRED by it!  Knowing what’s at stake makes me go into the office everyday trying to do a better job than I did the day before. Pure and simple   

And as we enjoyed all the great food, pictures with Santa and special appearances from Anna and Elsa (from the movie “Frozen”), I did pause and reflect. 20 years ago (almost to the day), I was fired from my job and had no visible means of support for my wife and children. Life wasn’t very fun back then and those were some challenging days for sure!  But 20 years later and after all the ups and downs of being a small business owner, I must say that seeing  the look of pure joy on the faces of my employees and their children at our Christmas party made it all worthwhile. Without a doubt it was one of my most gratifying days as an entrepreneur.

Posted by Jay Myers at 5:28 PM