NSCA: Smart Leaders and Generosity

Last week, I attended the NSCA Business Leadership Conference (BLC), I enjoyed several presentations including one from Liz Wiseman about Intelligent Teams and how “The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.” Liz had so many great insights I could post several blogs about her presentation alone but a few comments that she made really stood out for me. 

One was “ The critical skill of this century is that you not only what you know; it is how you access what other people know.” That comment made a lot of sense to me since leadership challenges in 2015 are far different that in they were even 3, 4 or 5 years ago. 

Other thought provoking insights included “ What does your presence do for your team” as well as “Should you hire new employees or get more out of the people you hired”?  I often wonder about what value I do and don’t offer by sitting in on various ISI business and department meetings as well as our HR strategy for new employees. Definitely gave me lots to think about! 

Lastly, I sat in on Edgar Papke’s presentation on “Leading Generously: Eight Actos of Influence, Trust and Personal Alignment" which was very enlightening and heart-warming. Those eight acts include 

1) Appreciation 

2) Listening 

3) Gratitude 

4) Knowledge 

5) Compassion 

6) Acceptance 

7) Intimacy 

8) Commitment

My personal favorite of Edgar’s acts is Gratitude which has been an integral part of my personal and ISI’s operating strategy since I started the business back in 1996. Every day, I feel grateful for being able to live in such a great country as well as the opportunity to start and grow ISI. It is something I have never take it for granted. Another one of Edgar’s comments that really stuck with me was when he discussed how (even as small business) you can build a legacy for not only your business but also for your life. Great insight!  And in the end, as Edgar quoted  “In the heart of God, lies Generosity”  I think that really says it all.

Posted by Jay Myers at 12:48 PM