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Rounding Third and Heading for Home shares the many components that go into the sale of your business from someone who has actually gone through it. You’ll learn:

  • Why it is so important to sell a business when it’s ready, and not when you’re ready
  • What really builds value in your business
  • The steps of the acquisition process
  • How to prepare your company for the sale
  • How to run a business when you’re actively trying to sell it
  • Many more lessons learned from starting and growing a tech company over the course of twenty years

Jay takes readers along to recount his experience of selling Interactive Solutions, Inc. (ISI) and shares anecdotes along the way of what happens when your personal emotions and realized goals meet the pragmatic process of selling your business to an outsider.

You can order Rounding Third on AMAZON,, TARGET.COM, and more.


  • "Jay offers insightful lessons, including the importance of mentors, knowing your company brand, not burning bridges, and reinventing your business before it’s too late. It’s great to see Jay share his hard-earned and impactful wisdom with a broader audience.”

    Dr. David Rudd, President - University of Memphis
  • "Jay Myers’ Rounding Third and Heading for Home is an end-to-end inside look at the life cycle of a modern business through the eyes of the man who built it, ran it, and sold it."

    Bill Catlette - Author, Contented Cows
  • "It was a wonderful read. I found it thought provoking and insightful!”

    Jim Huber, Construction Manager - Marion County Board of County Commissioners
  • I ordered the third book in the Jay Myers trilogy of business and life lessons, and it did not disappoint! In "Rounding Third and Heading for Home" Mr. Myers pulls back the curtain on a period of time during the life of a small business that many entrepreneurs never reach.

    In his book, he shares his thoughts and emotions from a professional and personal perspective, summarizing the unknown path forward towards selling his business, the everchanging emotions of "letting his baby go," the stresses business owners face as they are being acquired, and the key considerations of when and how to go about a disposition. An enjoyable read from a seasoned CEO.

    Kevin B.
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