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Season 2, Episode 8 — Ira Weinstein

ira weinstein

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Season 2, episode 8 synopsis

Ira joins the Extra Innings podcast family to talk about his experience in tech, how it's helped the modern entrepreneur and his own journey in business. Jay and Ira discuss what businesses have learned leveraging tech as an essential need of their business over the last few years, what's next in tech (spoiler: whiteboards and markers), and how companies will continue to evolve their tech in the coming years.

About ira weinstein

Ira Weinstein is the founder of Recon Research, an independent research, advisory, and consulting firm focused on enterprise communications. He is an expert on conferencing, AV, and UC products and services that help companies change the way they communicate. Ira has 25+ years experience in the tech industry, and has written many articles and reports on new tech solutions and trends in the market.

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