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TEDx West Monroe

Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy

In the pursuit of success and profits, many businesses and organizations fail to recognize that these are the end results of ethics and excellence. The ever-increasing cases of scandals, frauds, and scams in various businesses and organizations have made ethics at the workplace, a significant issue.

Workplace ethics in business form a crucial part of every successful organization’s culture.  Any organization that, voluntarily follow business ethics, have better chances of success and survival in today’s hyper competitive business world. They prosper beyond expectations due to their ethical morals as compared to those, whose only goal is to earn profits and be ahead in the rat race, by compromising on ethical values. It is my belief that at the end of the day, a business has to be about more than just making money, a business has to have a conscience.

Doing the right thing is fundamental to creating and sustaining an effective, organizational value system. And it begins at the top. Leaders must lead – if the leader is not consistently taking right action, employees see it. So do outsiders, including community members, employees, and customers.

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October 9, 2021


West Monroe, LA

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